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Everyone Needs Help at Some Point In Their Life

  • A visual combined with a quote by Emily who is in recovery from addiction
  • Has struggled with anxiety, depression and suicidal thoughts
  • She sought help and is encouraging others to do the same, that’s it’s OK

It Can Happen to Anyone

  • A visual and quote about “addiction can happen to anyone”
  • How addiction sneaks up on you

“The Mask” of Addiction

  • A visual and collection of quotes from young people in recovery about how they lost “the real me” in active addiction

Wasted Time

  • A poem from a high school student in recovery from addiction, who wishes to remain anonymous, about wasted time using drugs
  • How much he wants to “get on with his life and fulfill his dreams”

It Only Takes One to Save a Life

  • A visual, combined with a quote from Brianna, about how a kind policeman was the impetus for her recovery

Comparison is the Thief of Joy

  • Two cartoon style visuals and a quote by Emily, a young women in recovery, about social media and the harm in comparing yourself to others


  • Illustration called “Spark in the Dark” combined with a quote from Emily
  • A young woman who asked for help instead of following through with her suicide plan in the woods

“The Letter your Teen Can’t Write”

  • A letter to parents about how to hang onto teens during tough times
  • Written by a parent from teen’s point of view
  • What teens want to say, but can’t

I Would Tell My Younger Self

  • "This isn’t where my life was supposed to go"
  • Photo combined with a quote from Mary, a young woman in recovery from addiction, re: using drugs is not what’ s best for your growing brain

Worried about eating habits, substance use, depression, anxiety?

  • There’s a solution, lots of people can help
  • Multicolor hand Image combined with a quote from Mary, a 22 yr. old in recovery, with history of an eating disorder